06 August 2009

How to increase website traffic

In the Internet marketing business, there are many ways to increase traffic. Website SEO is just one of them. It all starts with keyword research.

Whether you’re using AdWords promotion or organic SEO techniques, keyword research is essential to your campaign. It’s the way your customer base is going to find you in the search engines. However, there has to be a balance struck between overall traffic and your targeted traffic.

That is, you have to make your targeted traffic be as close to being your overall traffic as possible. If you don’t, you’re not monetizing your site as well as you could. This is especially bad news in AdWords. If you’re having to pay Google so much money per click and no one’s buying, this can spell disaster for your bank account.

Organic keyword research starts with a few individual keywords researched by themselves. Enter them one at a time into the search engine and look at what you get. First of all, how many web pages are there? How many “Sponsored Sites” are there? This can be a gauge for how lucrative a market is, and also the level of competition you will have to deal with.

Now add descriptive words to these initial keywords. Chances are, just one keyword is going to be too competitive to start with. When you add descriptions to your keywords, narrowing your niche and making it more likely you’ll be visible when people are searching for your specific product won’t be the only benefit. For every additional word you add, that’s another search term that you will show up in the search results for.

The process of doing this for AdWords is a bit more complicated than doing it for organic search results. It goes in a similar way, but there is more to it. That requires a tutorial in it self

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