16 October 2010

All About Accelerometer

Accelerometer is a device which is commonly used for the accelerator measurement. In addition, it can be used for measuring the gravity impact on the acceleration. It can also yield another result during the acceleration measurement, information about the inclination, vibrations, and also shock. Nowadays, this device comes to you in a more portable design with easier set up and operation.

Commonly, modern accelerometer is also known as the MEMS device. This is a simple device which is able to work with the cantilever beam and circuit which is designed especially for detecting the occurrence of the deflection sensing. By using the beam, the device is able to measure the rate of the locomotion which is associated with the seismic mass or proof according to the deflection rate. This type of accelerometer usually comes with the single, dual, or triple axis design. Each of them is beneficial for measuring the locomotion, vibrations and also shock in a lot of situations.

Accelerometer is designed with high versatility. Therefore, its different incarnations can be used for some different applications such as in the auto manufacturers. For auto manufacturer, this device is used for measuring the overall vibration on the new vehicle designs. It can help them measure whether the vibration rate is in the standard of the company.

Furthermore, this device can be used in the new building renovation and construction for ensuring that the structure meets the local codes so that they can withstand to the seismic shocks or any other activities which can make the building risky for the human life. In addition, this device is also used for the computers and laptops to measure the amount of the shock without making the hard drive crash since this device can handle the shock.

Accelerometer also becomes a crucial component in the personal gaming as well as media devices. It is beneficial for maintaining the reasonable degree of the interactive control between the program and the user. It is also able to move during the process of switching display angles and modes quickly. In addition, it can help to enhance the efficiency of the players. It will be more enjoyable for the consumers.

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