16 October 2010

Alternative WTC Collapse Theories Pick Up Steam

Since the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, there have been theories about what really caused the WTC collapse. Just like other tragedies, such as the attack on Pearl Harbor and the JFK assassination, there are people who don’t accept the official explanation. There may be good reason to investigate the WTC collapse, and questioning conventional wisdom is a healthy and essential part of humanity. There is also good reason to accept conventional reason as well.
New evidence in WTC collapse

One of the most high profile proponents of the 9/11 truth movement — people who think the WTC collapse was an inside job — is controversial radio talk show host Alex Jones. Web properties run by Jones such as Prison Planet and Info Wars have many posts related to the collapse of the WTC buildings. According to Prison Planet, new evidence has been uncovered. Small, red chips of iron and aluminum were unearthed at Ground Zero by the University of Copenhagen that don’t exhibit the same composition of other WTC debris. The U.S. Geological Survey has also found iron rich particles in the WTC debris that could only have been formed at temperatures at or greater than the melting point of steel.
The official version

The official story of the collapse of the WTC buildings has to do with the steel infrastructure. Steel melts at a very high temperature, but loses most of its structural integrity well before the point of melting. Burning jet fuel set the building on fire, which weakened the steel beams to the point that floors above the burning areas collapsed downward. The force of the impact drove each successive floor downward, which could give the appearance of a controlled demolition. The air the building contained blew outward as it collapsed, which can also look like a planned demolition. There was a large report by Popular Mechanics detailing it.

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