27 October 2010

Death Penalty News: Arizona Executes Jeffrey Landrigan

The Arizona State of United States has been forced to give an order of Execution to a prisoner due to his bad deeds and behavior which had become unbearable for the authorities. This prisoner had been given the orders to be executed for the murder that he had done back in the year 1989. Jeffrey Landrigan was declared as dead in the prison of the Florence State in United States on Tuesday after he was executed by the authorities.

A few of the media reporters were also present at the time when this execution took place. The news related to Jeffrey Landrigan has hit the whole internet and thousands of people have heard about this prisoner who has been given death after almost twenty years of the crime committed by him.

Jeffrey Landrigan was kept as the prisoner for the murder of Chester Dyer which was done n the year 1989 and finally he got his ultimate punishment. Jeffrey Landrigan killed Chester Dyer with an electrical wire around

his head. Due to the shortages of the lethal injections in the United States the judges of Arizona State had to post pone the death sentences given to several prisoners but they cannot remain alive for long. Jeffrey Landrigan was executed on Tuesday and the media reporters closed the chapter of this prisoner forever. Barrett Marson who is the spokesperson of the Arizona told the media about his last times and the food which he had in his last moments when he was alive.

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