16 October 2010

Montauk Monster, Was It Actually A Raccoon?

The Montauk Monster was an anonymous animal that was found dead Montauk, New York beach on 2008. The identity of Montauk Monster and the number of talks surrounding it have kept on increasing while giving rise to a number of arguments and rumors. It should be noted that the present agreements on the basis of the dental makeup of the Montauk Monster suggests that it was a raccoon.

The story surrounding the Montauk Monster picked up when an article appeared in The Independent in 2008. The article stated that a person named Chief Britton and his three friends have discovered the Montauk Monster at the Ditch Plains beach. “We were looking for a place to run when we saw some people looking at something... We didn't know what it was... We joked that maybe it was something from Plum Island”, Chief Britton stated.

The article wondered that the living thing may be a turtle or some malformed test from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. The Director of the East Hampton Natural Resources had said that the Montauk Monster actually was a raccoon with its upper jaw absent. "Someone took it away... to be buried... we hope", the article concluded.

The Montauk Monster’s look was supposed to have been distorted through dip in water for a comprehensive time prior to emerging on the shore, thus rendering it hard to identification. In 2009, it was reported in the National Post that the owner of montauk-monster.com asserted to have discovered one more living form of the Montauk Monster.

[Source: www.allvoices.com]

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