17 November 2010

Get Your Website Indexed Quickly

Whenever a new site is launched, getting it indexed is somewhat of a hit or miss process. Backlinking with the goal of getting indexed in mind is a little different from the mindset a webmaster would use when building long term quality backlinks. However, there are some good strategies that are easy and cheap ways to get backlinks so as to get your site and it's content indexed quickly which, in turn, will allow you to change you focus to quality more than quantity.

Link Directories. Contrary to many, link directories are still useful. Their SEO value, especially if you successfully submit a link that is approved in a niche directory, is fairly high. The reason for this is that, in general, they allow anchor text and the links they give do not have the nofollow attribute applied.

Profile Backlinks. Getting backlinks from profile pages is discouraged by many, but a link is a link and many of these are dofollow, therefore they have value. Having a profile link has more value than not having a profile link. The sheer number of profile links that can be placed is massive. Additionally, there are many services that will automate this process for you. It is rumored that these types of links hold less value than they used to in the eyes of search engines, but, that being said, they are still great for indexing.trans.gif

Social Networking Sites. Social networking sites can also be a source of backlinks. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are similar to forums in terms of their traffic value and therein you will find the value of links placed there. As with blogs, links placed on these types of site almost always have the nofollow attribute applied so SEO value is minimal. Still, the value of a link on a high traffic web page cannot be overstated.

RSS Aggregator Sites. What could be better than having other webmasters display links to your content immediately upon publishing. This is the potential that exists when you submit your RSS feed to RSS directories. If your content is fresh, up-to-date and interesting, it may very well be picked up by others looking to supplement their own content. That is the beauty of syndication.

Blogs. Blogs can be a great source of backlinks, not so much for their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value as opposed to their potential traffic value. Many blogging scripts now have the nofollow attribute applied to comment links, so the passing of rank and trust does not happen unless it is removed specifically. However, blog comment links still have great value provided the blogs you comment on are have a high level of traffic and a low Alexa ranking.

Link Exchange. This is and has always been one of my favorites. Exchanging site-wide links with other webmasters is a process than can be negotiated. Link exchange usually begets high quality, dofollow backlinks that have good anchor text. Additionally, they can be placed in a location that will actually bring traffic to your site.

Without a doubt, however, there is one mass backlinking strategy that surpasses all of these in terms of value.

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