28 November 2010

How to Grab Your Readers' Attention

The availability of communication through mobile devices is constantly increasing. Cell phones are becoming less of a phone and more of a pocket computer. Internet access is perpetually available at one's fingertips, enabling customers to continually communicate and find information. Are they accessing the information that you are providing?

With all of the focus on search engine optimization and driving traffic to your website there may be some confusion as to what the purpose of creating content is. The most important aspect of creating content is to give good information to the reader. If the reader is going to a site that doesn't provide valuable information to them they will not likely return to the site. Providing consistent, valuable information that is beneficial to the reader is the fastest way for your content to become viral. Keeping your readers' interests in mind when creating content for them is a good way to keep their interest.

When you create consistency in the information you provide, you are fostering a trust with your reader. If they trust you to provide valuable information they will be more willing to trust you as a provider of a service or product. Keeping your target audience in mind is key when creating content for them. What is the goal of your target audience? What information do they need? Your potential customers want to buy from someone who cares. Creating content with them in mind will show them that you care.

Marketing your brand correctly by providing good information will create loyal customers. Your loyal customers will do a lot of marketing for you by telling their associations about your brand and creating personal and technical links back to you. As Mark Zuckerberg put it, "People are increasingly discovering information not just through links to web pages but also from the people and things they care about." (Facebook, 2010). Social networking has started to take over marketing because word of mouth advertising works. When people are buying and discovering content based on recommendations of their friends they know that they are purchasing something that has been already been tested and proven.

Digg is a relatively new website whose sole purpose is to let members post content that they like and let other members provide feedback on that content. It is basically a way to make content go viral. The homepage allows its visitors to access lists of the most viral content in terms of the entire site, time restrictions and category. Interacting through this site is a good way to see the real feedback that you are getting from your viewers and customers.

Remember that creating a following for your blog or making your content viral is an important part of search engine optimization and increasing PageRank. However, the purpose of creating content to post on the Internet is to give quality and valuable information, not to make it viral. If your focus is to create interesting and informative content your readers and viewers will be much more inclined to come back to you as a source for valuable information in the future, which will make your content and brand viral.

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