21 December 2010

Article Marketing As Search Engine Friendly Strategy

A business company can provide content to the newspaper or magazine free of charge and get its contact information printed with the article. This paper-print form of article marketing enables firms to obtain press space.

Even more beneficial form providing publishers with free content and advertisers with free advertising is online article marketing. Article marketing campaigns serve to promote business sites. Free distribution of well-written interesting and informative articles with "bio boxes" and "by-lines" incorporating references and contact information can seriously contribute to enhancing the business credibility and gaining targeted customers.

Online article marketing is considered an effective internet marketing strategy due to the fact that content articles present an unbeatable way of generating links and boosting the search engine rankings. In other words the concern of this type of marketing is the use of articles for search engine optimization purposes. The task of attracting a great number of site visitors results in the attempts to make a page rank higher. This can be done by means of on-line distribution of articles which usually contain numerous links to a business owner's web site. Visitors read through the article, get interested in the subject and click on the link which is placed for them to find out more information. This sends visitors directly to a business web site.

Text links use keywords which are most important to the web site business. These links are valuable to the business in the search engines because the words used to link to the site are read and referenced as important factors in determining the site rank and positioning in the search engines for particular key words. With major search engines well-linked pages have more value. Incoming links are regarded as votes of confidence which rank a page higher. The higher the rank of a page, the more traffic oftentimes it has, and consequently the more likely it will increase the website's rank within search engines. Many web site owners try to set up trade links with other businesses or even hire special firms to make inquiries to related sites for incoming links.

Much of a business success depends on the circulation of the article on the internet when it comes to providing traffic direct to the web site. As search engines identify the article on other sites, they credit a business site with links. The more articles published, the higher is the site's search engine ranking. Submitting articles to directories such as other web sites, blogs or on-line magazines (ezines) is one of the ways to generate thousands of backlinks to a business web site.

The revenue of such ezines is based on targeted search ads to web site visitors. Many of the ezines are published on a regulated basis (weekly, biweekly or monthly) providing free access to their content.

Skillfully written content articles can bring positive long term effect and foster the growth of a web site business. The benefits of on-line article marketing are increased site traffic, improved search engine rank and lead generation.

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