11 December 2010

Google Caffeine Providing A Boost To SEO?

Google Caffeine is set to transform the internet for good, as their new tool which was envisioned in 2009, renews the internet at a much faster rate, making Google the fastest updating search engine out there.

Until recently, most search engines including Google updated and renewed results on a two weekly basis, if that. This meant searchers were seeing a back indexed version of the internet that was not in real time. With Google Caffeine, you may not be always in exact real time, but you see a far newer version of the internet, enabling you to get more recent results.

Google Caffeine is set to have a big impact on SEO in the future. It will provide a more accurate service that is up to date, meaning SEO results will be able to be seen far quicker. A regularly updated web indexing system will produce better results, with the likelihood of results being 50% fresher. Thus Search engine indexing and ranking will be will be more accurate and will weigh upon more complex factors, such as keyword weighting and the age of the website. However, tools such as page ranking will be in the still behind the search engine ranking, thus page ranks will not be accurate for awhile until Google sorts this out. Social media updates will also be recognized far quicker by Google, producing faster results for seo and viewers.

This could mean for SEO consultants not only are results produced much faster, they can plan their next move on their SEO campaign far quicker and with far more accuracy. SEO and Web design experts alike must in order to produce far more effective rankings with Google make sure websites are on fast servers, as Google Caffeine now ranks websites using factors such as speed. Google's indexing system will also be far more precautious about indexing and ranking, by valuing websites that are relevant with good quality content, over spammed websites. This will mean for SEO that it will be concentrating on high quality content that is unique, over spammed or websites brimming at the seams with keywords.

With the growth of the internet, it has been vital for competing search engines to provide a service that is more up to date and relevant for users and internet marketers. Google is good news overall and will for many seo experts aid them to produce far more effective campaigns with better results, using tactics such as high quality content and uniqueness.

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