18 December 2010

How To Market Your MLM Online

Knowing how to market you MLM online successfully means knowing how to separate yourself from the sea of others marketing the same products and the same type of products you are. If you're looking to know how to market your MLM business online in a way that produces better and faster results than the majority of your competition will ever create, then you are going to want to read every word of this article.

There are three pertinent keys to your success as you go out there into the daunting jungle of marketing your MLM online. These three "keys" are things that you must do in order to make that happen. Before we dive in and talk about these three keys, understand that overall the most important thing to know about how to market your MLM online is that it is about persona branding and understanding the philosophical process of how to have prospects chasing you (instead of the opposite happening).

To properly make that happen, you should be branding YOURSELF online. You should also be positioning yourself as a leading authority, so that people truly have an interest in getting your product or your business opportunity. To that end, here are three essential rules to live by when marketing your MLM online:

How To Market Your MLM Online Success Key :
Everything that you do online needs to position yourself -- not your company and not the manufacturer of your products and services. Everything that relates to your online marketing, in fact, needs to have YOUR name including things like your blog, your data capture page, and your emails. These should only reference you and should not reference your company at all. With that said, it is also important to understand that none of your marketing should incorporate your products or services (or images of either).

How To Market Your MLM Online Success Key :
The second big key is understanding that your business starts and ends with your ability to generate leads. The most effective way of making this happen is by using a simple squeeze page, so that when they get to your data capture page they have only two options -- to put in their information and leave, or to push the back button.

The best way to maximize your conversion rates on your data capture page, is to have a good quality "lead magnet." It should be completely and totally free, and should be in alignment with what brought people to your webpage in the first page. For example, if someone is looking to lose weight then you could give them a report filled with good juicy content maybe about the dangers of certain types of diet programs or maybe about the difference between good and bad carbs or something else related to losing weight. You get the idea, but the main point is to provide good value and to position yourself an an expert who knows what you're talking about.

How To Market Your MLM Online Success Key :
To make all of this come together full circle in a fashion that is conducive to reaching your goals in marketing your MLM business online, you need to understand all about relationship building. If we don't know how to create and build relationships, and how to incorporate the power of technology to sift and sort your prospects, then we will waste a lot of time and money. You don't want to be spending time with "tire kickers." You want to spend time with people who are serious about solving a problem that they have (which you can help them resolve).

It's one of the greatest things about the Internet, that it allows you to leverage your time on a massive, massive scale. Before it, you would have to speak with dozens of people per day to even have a shot at getting results. Now by knowing how to market your MLM online, you can do 99% of that automatically. So allow your autoresponder to do the heavy lifting for you.

None of this, however, works unless you know to properly engage in relationship building. Two keys to doing that are (1) to be yourself -- genuinely yourself; and (2) to provide meaningful content to your prospects without expectation.

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