01 February 2011

Developing Communication Skills In Children

The outburst of technology and the widespread of Internet have made the lives easier. Social networking has become easier than it had been ever before, but the dilemma of times is deploying local communication among the masses. Local communication, must say a better local communication is an essential for any social setup. Being in contact with local people either through a speech or writing, direct communication or using an external medium, i.e. radio, TV etc is as important as it’s to be in contact with the people worldwide. And so, we need better communication skills.

Communication skills though can be enhanced in any age, but the most suitable is childhood. Skills developed during this age long last and ensure a successful communicator. Preparing your children for being leading communicators in future is one the responsibilities of parents so don’t ignore it. The future success of your child entirely depends on the communication skills he has, and the development of such needs a little time and attention at your end.

There’re number of ways to boost communication skills among children, but the root of all is ‘knowledge’ and the interpretation of words. Knowledge increases with the experience, but an individual cannot experience thousands of situations in a limited time. A way to experience thousands of feelings is to observe them and they can easily be done either by reading or watching. So, the best way to enhance communication skills in children is to let them experience maximum number of situations and feelings, have them observe a lot of scenes, let them explore the characters etc through watching television and reading books. Reading books can be much effective as parents can provide the best books and control the process to a greater extent, while chances of misusing the television in young children are relatively larger.

Finally discussion, that brings out the hidden skills of children; so discuss more and more, i.e. what they’ve read, watched, observed, thought etc. Discussing all these will construct a bridge, helping children to develop their communication skills on one hand and befriend to parents on other. This leads them sharing their problems and analyzing and solving others’ problems.

Give your children a small amount of time out of your stringent schedule and let them explore the world of communication and become successful.

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