19 May 2011

How to Choose the Right Golf Bag

golf bag
Golf bags are one of the most important elements of a comfortable golf experience. If you have the wrong golf bag you are bound to be miserable if it’s too heavy, too long, too short, or doesn't have enough space for all of your clubs and golf gear. Finding the right golf bag can take some time, so it's good to think about what you really need, what you want, and even plan for additions to your golf gear in the future.

Many golf pros suggest starting out with a very basic bag and growing from there as you determine your golf style and what you need and expect from a bag. Golf bags are like almost anything else in golf, there are premium bags and very simple bags and everything in between with prices to match. What works best for you may not work best for someone else, so don't take the word of another golfer as gospel, research your options and then invest.

One of the most popular golf bags is the Optima 9 Deluxe cart bag. This golf bag would definitely fit into the premium end of things, though it will cost you less than $150. The Optima 9 golf bag is great because it offers a 14-way divider system so that you know where each club is when you are looking for it. The wheels are quite steady so there is no need to worry about spillage or anything of the sort. This impressive bag also offers a rain and travel hood, so your golf bag truly can go anywhere with you. Many consider this the best golf bag on the market, as it does offer quite a bit in the way of features and functionality. As an added bonus this exquisite golf bag also offers a cooler pocket and a putter tube.

The Bang stand bag is also quite popular for those that don't necessarily need something as luxurious as the Optima mentioned above. While this is not as luxurious as the Optima this is still a great bag that has its own metal frame that acts as a stand. No longer do you have to lay your golf bag on the ground as you go about your day on the course, now your clubs will be well protected and will not have to bang around in your bag as you drop it to the ground. This is also a very affordable bag considering that it is very light weight and is a great golf stand bag.

A golf travel bag may also be ideal for you depending on where you golf and when. These are typically hard sided bags that will protect your golf clubs and gear as you travel from city to city aboard a plane, train, or even in the car. A travel bag will run you about $130 but is more than worth the investment considering how much money you have probably put into all of your gear that you keep in your bag.

A golf bag is truly a personal choice, and with so many options on the market you'll have no problem finding the one that is right for you. Your golf bag is something that you should feel comfortable with, no matter what the style.

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