30 May 2011

How To Get All The Latest Music Online

Downloading music has become such a touchy subject now a days and well it has the right to be for the copywriting of music has become completely out of hand and the artists want to catch the culprits. There were numerous companies in the firing line that took huge beatings for encouraging it like for example Napster.

Actually I'm glad it happened for it awakened an awareness in the community that you won't get away with stealing music and copying it freely for people spend heaps of money making those albums. Well it just doesn't do them any justice for all their hard work creating and exploring new music frontiers.

Well let's get started. There are three types of legal music download sites around the first is the sites purely dedicated to the cost per sale principle and well they are slowly starting to phase out now for are a bit cheaper than buying an album from a shop. Then there's the buy in bulk for cheaper websites, which get you to pay a larger fee and then you can download more songs for less cost. Those are good if you buy a lot of music online.

Well the last and well my favorite are the websites that legally use filesharing to distribute their music. What happens here is that you download their really well optimized software and use it to share files with millions of people around the world, they actually have around 100 million songs available at present for you to download. All of their songs are totally legal and get checked out and well they explain the whole process for you on their website if you're interested. So it just involves a once off payment for their software and then you have access to a hoard of songs to listen to on your I-pod or so forth.

The best thing about this is that because of the software being a file sharing package you can also share video's and pictures and many other things and it really can cost you a lot of time once you're into it, for I've gotten lost a few times and found that I've spent a few hours browsing before I knew what was happening. You'll be surprised what you'll find there once you start looking around.

Music has been a source of inspiration to many a movie and songs such as "Grease lightning" and "Everything I do" from the original Robin Hood have touched hearts and left memories behind of magical moments in your life.

But make sure you do your homework for there are many websites that are illegal so just make sure you check them out on forums or at least one good review site to make sure that you know what they have to offer is legitimate.

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