27 May 2011

Key Dating Suggestions For Men

This should go without saying, however, always look your best on your dates. In fact, always look your best anywhere you go just in case you meet a special person that you would like to date. You never know when you will meet someone of interest so it is always best to be prepared.

One good communication strategy is the so-called three question method. If a person is asked two questions and agrees both times then she is more likely to agree to any third question. The first two questions can be really simple such as, are you having a good time? Followed by, would you like something to drink? Then hit a home run with your third question, I know a great place for a nightcap, what do you say we go there? If she has answered the first two questions in the affirmative, then there's about a 90% chance she will say "yes" to that final drink.

A hint of mystery and unpredictability can be powerful tools for increasing your desirability. Also, being a good listener is an exceptionally important quality to cultivate. If you're a man, you want to listen to your date's problems but don't necessarily give solutions. Women are satisfied with someone who listens more than someone who will tell them what to do.

Learn from Michael Jackson. Why is it that Michael Jackson had so many young female fans? He probably isn't a great example of the ideal man in many people's opinion, but he had a lot of qualities that women look for. He was a great dancer, he was successful, he dressed nicely, and he tried to help others through his charitable organizations. Maybe we could all learn something from Michael.

If you see a girl you would like to talk to be sure not to stare at her or hide from her leering at her from behind a corner. Making good eye contact with a smile is the way to go. You can easily turn off a girl by staring at her body. Don't make her think you're some stalker who could be potentially dangerous.

When it comes to where you live there are a few rules to go by. Don't have a Farrah Fawcett poster on the wall, don't have toys or games laying around, and don't have a Playboy magazine laying on your coffee table. Make your apartment or house presentable by having some plants and a few pictures on the wall. Keep a few light snacks around which can help promote a relaxed atmosphere.

Always try to stay in good physical shape. If you are healthy and fit you will look better, your self-esteem will be higher, and your endurance will be better. So if you're out of shape or overweight get on a diet and exercise program as soon as possible. There are enough fat and unhealthy people around, you want to stand out of the crowd as being one of those who cares about his body.

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