27 May 2011

Learn Hindi From Singing Hindi Songs

It is well known that Hindi is a descendent of Sanskrit directly. Hindi is of the Indo-aryan as one of Indo-European languages, which is spoken in most areas of central India. It is the official language in the northern India which has 487 million native speakers as one of Indo-Aryan languages.

Bharat-Darshan is world's first Hindi magazine on literary coming from New Zealand on the net, if you are interested in it, you can have a look at it online to learn this kind of language.

You can learn this language by send some funny SMS in Hindi to your friends, your boy friend, or your girl friend, sometimes you can edit some Friendship SMS in Hindi and send these to your family and colleagues. You also can post some beautiful Hindi flash cards to your friends when they have a birthday or a holiday.

As western music has a huge influence on Hindi traditional music, Hindi music was changed increasingly showing some western elements, and was becoming more popular than before. You can learn this language starting from understanding Song lyrics with English translation which comes from Hindi pop albums and Hindi films. One of the top songs is "Beautiful tango" which was created by a French singer-songwriter called Hindi Zahra. If you enjoy music, maybe you can have a try to listen this songs. There are also some Hindi Matrimonial songs which are full of love between wife and husband.

Maybe you are very interested in Hindi movies. The history of Hindi movies is very short. The Hindi movie industry started from the early 1900's and Indian people had their the first Hindi film in the silent movie era.

Sometimes you feel very tired because learning a foreign language is so boring a thing. This time you had better choose some Hindi jokes or some Hindi poetry to relax yourself for a while.

Maybe you can own a great new dictionary for yourself when you are not online, a new dictionary as an admirable achievement is a product filled with twenty years labour. If you purchases one, you will feel it has value for money.

If you want to have a beautiful hand written, you can choose some useful font and software to help you, such as Rosetta Stone Hindi which has all kinds of languages procedures including Sanskrit, English along with Nepali. For instance, when you type any words in English, Rosetta Stone Hindi will convert it into Hindi script directly.

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