29 May 2011

Mini Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are meant for cross country, off road, travel. Mini dirt bikes are smaller versions of these dirt bikes. They can make great gifts to the miniature version of you- your child, so that he or she inherits your love for racing as well. Be careful to secure them properly however. Three mini bikes were stolen this month from an Albany showroom. The thieves ignored Honda engines to take these. This shows that mini dirt bikes have their own charm.

They are a safe way for your child to explore the outdoors. Today, many models come with a speed governor. This allows adults to set a maximum speed for the bike. Even the exhaust pipes are so positioned to prevent your child from making contact with the parts which get heated during riding. You can also install training wheels so that your child learns to balance and increases in confidence before he or she rides solo.

Five to ten year olds will enjoy riding these. Mini dirt bikes are affordable, reliable, and aesthetically appealing. You should supervise your child when he or she is riding this bike. Check with your state agency or local town hall for any regulations relating to the use of these. This will enable you to know and use the areas designated for mini dirt bike riding.

For instance, forest reserve paths are often used by mini dirt bike riders. You can also learn about suitable areas where you can use the bike from the person you bought it from. Also check about spares availability and service when you buy a mini dirt bike. Some dirt bike clubs offer the use of tracks to mini dirt bike riders on certain days. Find out when these are so that you can ride your bike on an actual track.

You can simply transport your mini bike in your car when you go for such events. You need not separately invest in a trailer, which you would have had to do in case of a larger one. Mini dirt bikes are often used by adults too, who are nostalgic about the ones they had when they were growing up. You may like to try out the latest, souped-up version of this old classic. Whether you ride them or your child does, they are a great way to spend time with your family in the outdoors.

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