26 May 2011

Search Engine Optimization with Directory Submission

Internet business trend changes the traditional business direction in a new way. Today's era of internet business is giving more challenges to survive in the market. So having a search engine visibility and high search engine ranking is absolutely necessary for every websites. You can get competitive advantages of high page ranking to reap more and more business trough your website.

Before few years back directory is crawled by individual search users but time goes on and search engine came in to exist. Directory loss some popularity to individual search users and search engine become more popular but still some good directory crawled by individual search user like, DMOZ and Yahoo directory. Directory loss user but not their creditability because directory is human editing service and search engine use automatic software to update their data base, so directory will approve the site after checking the credibility of website, it means site approved by directory have some credit so search engine crawled to directory to update their data base and site get back link from that directory.

Google uses spider technique to crawled the website and update their data bases. More or less same technique is used by many search engine but they slightly change their update criteria and based on that they differentiate their search results from other search engines.

Link supports of your website play a significant role to secure high page rank in major search engines. The process to get more inbound link, you spend lots of time for searching the website related to your site and send request for inbound link from their site and at the end you may not get the result so your effort get waste and can not get desired result. The easy and good method to get inbound link is directory submission.

Directory submission is good method of search engine optimization which diverts more traffic to your website and builds your link popularity. When search engine crawled the directory and it pointed your site, you get back link (inbound link). If your site listed on hundreds of good directory and they pointed to your site then you get credibility and improve the organic page rank in search engines.

When you get approved by directory then it is life time back link and no need to submit again in future, only some directories give short time listing, otherwise most of the directory gives life time back link. Thousands of directories offer free submission service so no need to spend much more money but you just require submission to proper category in the directory. If you are not submitting in proper category then your site will not approve by the directory editors so you have to follow the directory submission guideline of every directory.

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