03 June 2011

How to Find the Best Automotive Hydraulic Lift

Are you one of those who are still lying down on your back underneath the car? Are you in search of a new car lift for your garage? Are you tired of searching for a good automotive hydraulic lift? Then it is time to rethink your search. The first and foremost thing that you should do is to surf the web and search for a store that sells car lifts and the related shop equipment. This way you would not only come across many models in car lifts but you would also get a chance to compare the prices and their features. You would definitely find the right car lift for your garage.

These auto lifts are manufactured by some of the industry’s best manufactures. You would definitely find over 50 different car lift models in any site that you browse. These lifts are not only certified by the ETL (Effective Translation Lift) or ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) but they are manufactured with the latest technology and tools. The online vendors would also support you in terms of setting up the lift for you. They are open for any kind of questions with regards to the automotive hydraulic lift or any other lift that you choose.

These professionals would be able to suggest you an exact auto lift that would fit into your garage, workshop or a similar kind of space. They would suggest the height of the ceiling according to the lift you choose. There are separate links for you to compare features and prices of different lifts. These lifts can also be shipped as per your preferred location. If you have multiple garages in different states you can opt for shipping to your location. The shipping charges may vary as per the company’s shipping guidelines.

The automotive hydraulic lift and other equipment belong to the commercial grade and are designed for heavy garage use. You would also find the parts and inventory for every car lift. Apart from this you would also find tire changers, brake lathes, wheel balancers, parts washers, coolant service machines and many more. There are different types of lifts such as 2 Post Lifts, 4 Post Lifts, Wheel Alignment Lifts, Storage Lifts, Mid Rise Lifts, Scissor Lifts and the Motorcycle Lifts. You can choose the lift that suits your requirement. The lifts can also be selected depending upon the weight that they are capable of carrying.

It is a fact that not all lifts have the same features. You need to choose an automotive hydraulic lift that is a combination of design, quality and engineering excellence. These lifts undergo a rigorous testing before they are introduced to the market. There are different certification programs for lifts as well. These tests are conducted by a third party testing lab known as the ETL which meets the OSHA requirements. The American National Standard or the ANSI/ALI inspect the factories where the car lifts are being manufactured. This is to ensure that the lifts undergo the safety tests as recommended.

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  1. Any hydraulic lifts are satisfied by many Auto services. But it cannot make a service which can satisfy a customer. As you noted there, need of type of lift is according to the type of service and location. Find the right machine. It will serve better.