11 June 2011

Website Localization as a Key for Successful Business

If business companies want to be competitive and up-to-date, they have to provide a truly international image. This has to be done starting from one of their most important details: their website. During the past 10 years Internet has become more and more popular and today the World Wide Web is the best current marketplace for businessmen from every corner of the globe. Nowadays most of the people own a personal computer and things like shopping, contacts and services are performed on the net. That's why website localization is a necessary investment for companies that want to grow up in their business.

'Localization' is the act of modifying a product to make it both usable and suitable to a target market. Website localization therefore usually refers to the process of taking an English website and adapting it to a non-English speaking audience. This job is not as simple as it may appear and it is done by qualified computer experts and professional translators. It is not just a matter of translating a text, but actually linguists have to study and understand a particular context in order to make their service extremely accurate. In fact they have to consider many aspects when, for example, they are performing a business, legal, marketing or technical translation concerning a particular website. The final impact on the target audience is extremely important, so the commitment has to be total. Those professional translators often belong to translation companies which offer various services such as proofreading, subtitling and website localization in France, England, Italy, Spain, Germany and many other countries all over the world.

Internet users feel more comfortable if they can have details of a company in their own native language and that's why localization can make a website truly competitive in the world of business. An accurate technical, legal or marketing translation shows interest and respect towards a particular country, therefore localization can bring benefits to both a firm and the translation agency that provided this service that is not as simple as it may appear. Language professionals have to take care of sayings, idioms and metaphors belonging to different nations in order to create an immediate impact on a target audience. Website localization has to be done with extreme accuracy because it can bring very good revenues to firms and translation companies, but if the job is partially done, the result is poor. On the other side, if users really feel part of the World Wide Web community, they are more interested in websites that show a clear interest in multi-cultural communication. Therefore the job of professional translators in website localization is very important and a key for the success of a business.

Most companies have understood that, providing a cross cultural image, they can reach millions of people as Internet has become part of everyday life for many. Localization of a website means presenting a correct, professional and up-to-date image. Business, marketing, legal and technical translation are done for countries where English is not the mother tongue and the result is better communication among people all over the world.

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