05 August 2009

Success Tips for Sales Jobs

If you have the gift of persuasion, a sales job is perfect for you. More than any educational qualification, it is the personality traits of a person that make him or her successful salesperson. Sales jobs cut across sectors. All businesses require their services or products to be sold and this requires tactful salespeople who could convince the prospective clients and make then believe that the offering is worth paying for. Thus, there is demand for salespeople in all industries including insurance, real estate, retail, hospitality etc. It is the responsibility of the salesperson to find better deals for the company and their incentives are high. Thus, there is no dearth of sales jobs for those who can sell. However, there are a few tips that can help a person become a good salesperson.

A lucrative sales job is the dream of every salesperson but it completely depends on your ability to sell. The better your skills are, the more your demand is. An ambitious and proactive approach combined with tenacity, problem-solving skills and excellent customer service abilities is a must. Other than this, you need to have a passion for selling. Your prospective client would be convinced to buy only if he trusts you and not solely on the merit of the product you are selling. So, what does it take to be successful in sales jobs? Given below are some helpful tips that can help you in your sales career.

The cardinal mistake that most salespeople commit is that they believe selling is about talking. Instead it’s just the opposite. Selling is all about listening. A good salesperson would listen twice as much as he would talk. Good listening leads to establishing client’s needs and uncovering signals that can lead to potential sales. While listening, you would be able to get pointers to build your sale on. Using this approach, the customer would not feel that he is being forced to buy something. Instead, it would arise out of a need that he has himself stated. Thus, interrupting a client while he is talking is not a good idea. Just start the conversation and let the client take over from there. Encourage him to speak and lend a good listening ear.

Once you have understood what the real requirement of the colleague is, you are ready to pitch your offering. But, again, it cannot be blatant selling. Instead, use the problem-solving approach. Try to offer a solution to his unfulfilled needs through your product or offering. Once you find a solution to his needs, you will see your sale closing. All you need to do is relate the benefits and features of your offering to solutions sought by the client. Advise he client on how he can benefit and once the client is convinced, you will not find any difficulty in closing the sale.

Jobs in sales are all about good communication skills. We have already discussed the benefits of being a good listener. Other than that, when you talk, you must display good verbal communication skills. Try to use proper language with correct grammar and pronunciation. Talk in a warm and personable manner to gain the confidence of the client. Look into the eye while speaking. Don’t raise your pitch unnecessarily. Do the handshake in a firm but warm manner. Know your product inside pout and be ready to quell all doubts of the client.

Once the deal is closed, regularly servicing the client is the key to retain him. If you forget him after he has paid you the money, you will never get business from him again. So, it is important that you keep in touch with your clients even if it is not for selling. A good wish, a random phone call or a help that you may extend will go a long way in establishing along-tern relationship with the client. Also, never forget to send a thank you note to the client after finalizing the deal.

Keep proper record of all your transactions. Maintain a detailed contacts diary wherein you can document all your interactions. The potential needs of a client, once documented, will help you offer similar services or products to people in a targeted manner and help you close more sales. Organize your call schedules, weekly appointments, and keep a record of your expenses. Other than this, one last but most important tip is that you must learn how to take rejection in your stride. If you are not able to close a deal, it must not break your confidence. These tips will go a long way in helping you make a successful career in sales.

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