19 October 2010

Google Announces New Enterprise Search Appliance

The new version of the Google Search Appliance allows workers to search traditional data, such as content management systems and file shares, as well as Google Docs and Google Sites. The system displays results from systems that reside on premise and cloud-based content.

Google Cloud Connect
Google Connect delivers search results from a single point of entry, decreasing the amount of time spent on searching company files and making it easier to collaborate between coworkers and departments. Google states: "Easier access to collaborative documents, spreadsheets, presentations and sites with Cloud Connect speeds up how quickly coworkers can complete projects".

People Search, part of the new Search Appliance makes it easier to find subject matter experts within a company and contact coworkers related to a search keyword. The applicationa allows organizations to index their employee data, like interests, department, knowledge and phisical location. The search query returns a list of team members related to its keyword phrase.

Google has added other search functionality that make it easier to find and share information. Cloud Connect can find date in Twitter, blogs and industry websites through Google Site Search.

Cloud Applications
Traditionally, companies hosted their information on-site. That is changing at an accelerated rate and cloud-based applications are increasingly popular. Technology providers are tuning into this demand and Google's version, Google Apps, is widely used today.

Now, over 3 million businesses use Google Apps, storing a vast amount of information on Google's cloud servers worldwide. That data is now more searchable than ever with Cloud Connect. Although, relatively small, Google Apps is gaining traction. Google has not yet released any data on the number of business using the Google Search Appliance.

Google continues to make plans to expand its enterprise computing share and, with Cloud Connect, it takes a step in the direction of Microsoft's Sharepoint software. Sharepoint lets employees search for files and other information within their company repositories.

Google Search Appliance
Do not confuse Google Search Appliance with the Google Search Engine.
The latter lets users perform searches for anything on the Internet. The Search Engine Results Page (SERP) returns results relevant to the search term. The websites that are listed on the SERP can use local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - like SEO Denver - regional or international SEO to optimize their website for any search keywords that are relevant to their product or service.

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The Google Search Appliance, however, only screens data in the company's repositories, and now, Twitter, blogs and company websites as well. It is intended for internal use by workers to find company and employee information.

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