15 December 2010

Traffic Anarchy and Traffic Generator-Driving Traffic to Your Website

It is the mission of every webmaster to drive traffic to his or her website in order to generate more sales and more revenue. Generally, there are two ways to do this- through paid traffic via Pay Per Click advertising, media buys or banner ads and free generated traffic.

Paid traffic is very efficient and you can get the desired results within an hour. This requires a lot of money that website owners cannot afford. But there is a free traffic which requires patience and dedication.

Choosing the free traffic generation, your website can be visible to different platforms. In other words, your website can have an impressive presence especially in web 2.0. You can easily generate traffic through creating press releases, submission of articles to different article directory sites, facebook, twitter, You Tube and RSS feeds.

You can create a buzz about your website by submitting press releases to Press-Release Directories. As far as articles are concerned, it is necessary that they must be informative and relevant and then submit these articles to the different article directory sites. In facebook, you can create a profile, make friends and then introduce your website to them. In twitter, you can also create a profile; start tweeting, get followers and introduce your website. You can also drive traffic to your website by creating videos about your website or the products and services offered. Use You Tube for video creation with a link pointing to your website. It is also important to create RSS feeds to your website and then submit them to RSS Directories.

Using these, your website is pointed to the right direction. This needs your patience. Optimizing a certain keyword is necessary and includes these keywords in your articles, press releases and videos.

Traffic Anarchy and Traffic Generator are the tools to be used to drive traffic to your website in the fastest way. With this software, submission of articles to various article directory sites, book marking sites and RSS feeds as well as submission of press releases to different press release directories is so easy and can complete them in just few minutes.

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