06 August 2009

How to become an e-book writer

If you get personal with any kid nowadays, you will realize that reading books is on a steady decline. They prefer to sit in front of a computer, lapping up all the information about anything in this world. A Harry Potter book will most probably be more read on the net than in actual paperback. This very fact brings the importance of ebooks to the fore. Writing an ebook may not be everyone`s cup of tea. But if you make a serious effort, chances are that you will succeed in this business. And yes, ebook writing is a very serious and lucrative business. You only need to learn the ropes of this profession.

Almost everyone today has a blog of his own. He fills up this space with blogs about anything which might interest him. In fact, it is widely accepted that there is a writer hidden inside most of us. We only need to give it some kind of inspiration. The net is full of would-be writers, some of whom are naturally gifted to deliver the most exciting ebooks. Writing an ebook is not exactly a tough job. Once you get going on the path, opportunities will come by and you will be a famous writer. You only need the originality and the sincerity to become a writer.

Advantages of writing an ebook:
For the writer - Publishing a book can be a great headache today. You need to convince publishers to read your manuscript and publish it. There may be many issues like deciding the cover page, the font, the presentation and many more things associated with publishing of a book. But if you write an ebook, you don`t have any of these worries. You are the sole owner of your ideas and you may write whatever you want to. At the same time, if your e-book becomes famous, it can turn out to be a very profitable venture for you.

For the reader - You don`t have to go to a library or a store to get hold of your book. An e-book can be accessed from anywhere. Once you have accessed it, you can store it for reading it later. You might even delete it after reading the book. It will not take up precious space on your book rack. You can even choose to browse through the e-book instead of reading it completely. This will save you vital time. The net also allows pages to be hyperlinked so that you can go to the very page you want. The search option will also get you the specific pages required.

For the environment - As you know, paper mainly comes from wood. This indirectly leads to deforestation. Although many new sources of paper are being invented today, but wood still remains the main source. So if you write an ebook, you are contributing to conserving the environment. You are responsible for the less cutting of trees and a healthier planet.

The natural way to become an e-book writer:
Money and popularity are the two main reasons for becoming a full time e-book writer. Money will come eventually but popularity comes out of hard work and sometimes sheer luck. The most important thing you should do in order to be a successful e-book writer is to conduct a lot of research. A serious study of the subject you want to write about will fetch you good readership. You must try to write on subjects which are not much written on but which have the potential to attract a lot of readers. In this way you will avoid competition and yet earn a lot of revenue. The passion within you should spill on to the e-book. You will soon be having a best seller on hand.

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